Rig & Access Mats

Do you need temporary access, or a good solid foundation? Revcon Rentals can meet your rig mat needs with a full line of high quality rig mats.

Our rig mats are ideal for use in conditions that require a strong, environmentally friendly, dependable foundation for a variety of uses. This may include access into wet or impassible areas, storage for different sized tanks, equipment crossings for underground utility lines, and work platforms of unlimited size. We have a large inventory of rig mats which allows us to react quickly to customer needs. We can also provide specialty sizes upon request.

We understand the requirements of a quality mat. All of our matting products are manufactured using top grade materials. Once a completed frame passes inspection it is tightly packed with 6“ thick, tight-grain pine, end-notched to create flat surfaces on the top and bottom of the mat. Well made and exceptionally rugged. Revcon’s rig mats are designed and built to withstand the heavy loads and poor ground conditions that the industry faces on a daily basis.

Revcon Rentals supplies high quality designed and manufactured rig mats to Conventional Oil and Gas Drilling, SAGD Operations, Wind Power Technologies, Power line and Pipeline Construction, Forestry, and Logging Operations.

Our rig mats come in three primary dimensions to meet industry specifications.  We carefully listen to ensure our products meet your unique goals and expectations. You also can receive on-site training to demonstrate proper installation of rig mats and minimize any safety concerns.

Standard Mats

  • 20’, 30’, 40’ Lengths
  • W150x22 Rails
  • W150x22 Gusset welded cross-members
  • 5 1/2” x ¼” Welded box plate
  • ½” thick cable retainer
  • 8’x4” Sch 40 end pipe
  • 5” ¼” End plates
  • 8 ½ Tonne lifting shackles
  • Triple-pass welding on all pipe ends and winch points
  • All contact joints are welded & checked for defects.
  • Cross members & flanges welded/gusseted, top & bottom & side to side.
  • Frames are packed with 6” thick tight-grain Lodgepole Pine
  • Timbers are end-notched to provide a flat surface on both faces of the mat
  • Lifting shackles for safe movement & placement

Contact us with any questions or comments - we take your happiness and trust seriously and are available beyond normal business hours to ensure your success.