400 BBL Storage Tanks

Revcon rents and delivers 400 BBL storage tanks. We have a large and growing inventory of storage tanks, with the advantages you are looking for:

Constructed for a High Return on Investment

Revcon tanks are built for your toughest applications and conditions. Manufactured in our state of the art facility and crafted with the Revcon level of quality and craftsmanship, these oil field tank systems will keep your assets safe and protected.

  • all standard tanks built to API 12F Specifications
  • oil tank welding is performed by experienced and qualified welders
  • superior paint quality you will immediately notice - we prepare a mill scale free surface before applying the primer and top coat.

Fast and Easy Setup- Saves You Time and Money

  • easy and faster installation with prefabricated component based systems
  • full inventory on-hand and ready to be installed - no worries about fabricating components in the field
  • interchangeable systems that can be quickly configured to meet your exact requirements
  • location of lifting lugs and which line leads makes set-up safe and fast.

Protects Your Most Valuable Assets - Your Employees

Customers just like you helped us improve oil field worker safety over the years with feedback resulting in many innovative safety features. Your employees will enjoy the extra protection and your company will benefit from reduced on-the-job injuries.

  • convenient SALA ladder safety system allows workers to tie off safely when installing
  • safety winch lead lines minimize climbing to attach winch cables

You need safe, reliable access to monitor and perform routine maintenance on your oil storage system, and Revcon Rentals provides you with complete piece of mind.

Complete Customer Support for 100% Satisfaction

In addition to competitive pricing, Revcon understands repeat customers result from great customer service. We understand supplying a superior product is only part of your decision when you purchase from us.

Tank Dimensions and Specifications
• Height: 20'0"
• Diameter: 12'0"
• Capacity: 400 bbl
• Built to: API 12F specs
• Slope bottom: 1/4" thick
• Shell: 3/16" thick
• Roof: (1:12 slope) 3/16" thick
• 8" Enardo sour service 330 thief hatch
• L-skid c/w 3 saddles
• 8" Wide Flange main beams
• Ladder w/safety hoops
• Fall arrestor system supplied
• 4” 150# Gate and Butterfly Valves on Nozzle locations

Contact us with any questions or comments. We take your trust and happiness seriously and are available beyond normal business hours to ensure your success.