An absolute commitment to the safety of our workers is a core value. As a result, our safety performance ranks among the 'best in class'. We know that you take safety seriously, and so do we- our people, performance and programs testify this. Our well documented safety program is the backbone of our success and the framework by which we grow. Our passion for safety is our driving force. By incorporating safety into our business at all levels leads to lower operating costs, better performance, less waste and clients who trust us and want to continue doing business with us.

Safety is a shared responsibility that requires participation from every level of the organization. Revcon is diligent in our efforts to achieve “injury and incident free”.

As a COR certified company, we conduct all business responsibly, and in a way that protects the health and safety of our workers, clients, the public, and the environment. We comply with local, regional and federal regulations. We are also committed to the protection of property from accidental loss.

We emphasize understanding, recognize unsafe behaviors and situations, and are aware of the risks. We actively learn about the ways we can work smarter and stay safer. Revcon encourages the continuing development of innovative policies and techniques to achieve our safety goals.