Our actions in conducting business speak louder than words. We strive to help our clients and the communities in which we work and live, see our commitment come to life through the decisions we make each day. We mandate our employees to honor our quality principles and follow our policies; abide by all regulations of jurisdictions where we do business.

Revcon and its employees achieve this high level of quality through the systematic review and audit of corporate and project activities for compliance to policies, procedures and objectives.

We exercise this responsibility through:

  • adequate training of our employees
  • a total commitment to meeting, exceeding customer requirements, and
  • maintain a company culture that fosters continuous improvement.

We focus on performing to the higher level of every specification. We take pride in our work and are accountable for our workmanship. We believe that the quality improvement process is not the sole responsibility of the QC department, but a function in which the whole organization participates. By everyone successfully doing all the small things, we can collectively achieve our quality objectives.

Revcon has established the industrial standard for producing and maintaining an ABSA approved quality program, in alignment with ISO 9001:2000, to standards such as ASME (American Society for Mechanical Engineering) and CSA (Canadian Standards Association). We employ cutting edge welding techniques that provide a superior weld quality and the confidence that we have the lowest rework rates in the industry