Revcon takes the time to understand your vision, and provides solutions to support it.

Industries & Projects

Revcon provides pipeline and terminal services for the oil, natural gas, refined products, and CO2 industries. We offer our clients a wide-range of solutions with a focus on infrastructure projects that gather, store, and transport oil, natural gas, refined products, CO2, and other related hydrocarbons, liquids, and gases.

These projects include pipelines, compression, pump stations, metering, tank farms, terminals, and related facilities for midstream (wellhead to central processing), and downstream (cross-country transportation) systems of steel or plastics (HDPE).

We have delivered pipeline terminal projects in some of the world’s most challenging and environmentally sensitive climates. In each case, we worked hand-in-hand with our clients and regulatory groups to safely and successfully deliver projects.

Revcon’s expertise also includes receiving, storage, and shipping terminals; we perform right-of-way work, and construct the infrastructure for distribution and transmission systems including cross-country and undersea pipelines and terminals.