What We Do

As a high-growth, low-cost leader in industrial and pipeline construction, Revcon is reshaping facility, maintenance and pipeline construction services in Western Canada. Revcon’s construction portfolio includes an array of safe, productive and quality projects.


Our construction systems will integrate seamlessly with your engineering and procurement department to deliver construction-driven planning and execution support.  These systems include: estimating man-hours, costs and material control; construction management and quality management systems; and project scheduling and project trends.

Quality Control

Revcon has an extensive range of general and specific quality procedures, work instructions and check sheets to support construction execution.  Our extensive range of qualified welding procedures coupled with stringent weld control ensures optimum weld quality on each and every project.


Revcon is more than just equipment rentals, we keep your project moving forward! Our extensive inventory and superior customer service are the elements that set us apart from the rest of the industry. The unique make-up of our rental fleet, sales-inventory and, specially trained personnel, allows us to provide a one-stop service.

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Oilfield Constructors

Revcon provides heavy industrial supply, construction, maintenance and fabrication services to conventional oil, heavy oil, and petrochemical sectors.

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Revcon provides pipeline and terminal services for the oil, natural gas, refined products, and CO2 industries. We offer our clients a wide-range of solutions with a focus on infrastructure projects that gather, store, and transport oil, natural gas, refined products, CO2, and other related hydrocarbons, liquids, and gases.

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