Mission & Vision


We are PROGRESSIVE in nature, are ACCOUTABLE to ourselves and to our clients while maintaining our COMMITMENTS each and every day.



Revcon is committed to safety being the HIGHEST VALUE in any task undertaken, and delivers environmentally sound solutions that span the entire energy value chain; upstream oil and gas, pipelines and terminals, refining, processing, maintaining and carbon capture for enhanced oil recovery.

Revcon is committed to providing cost effective process and procedures to meet the demands of your project.


Rather than a one-size-fits-all approach, Revcon listens to your needs, provides flexible delivery methods, and bring innovative solutions to you. Revcon bring sustainable solutions that consume fewer resources which decreases our carbon footprint, while being attentive to safety, quality, cost and innovative performance.

This is achieved through:

Building Responsibility- using materials, building techniques and execution strategies to make your sites more safe, efficient and green.

Our Connection with You and the Community- building sustainable relationships with the people who live where we work

Revcon’s leading edge programs provide additional assurance that our projects are completed within the framework of government and other legislative requirements


No job is too important; no task too urgent, that we cannot take time to do it injury and incident free. We, as a team, are responsible and dedicated to maintaining a safe working environment, not only for ourselves, but for all others involved.

Through proper planning of our work, recognition of jobsite hazards, adherence to proven work practices and procedures, incident and injuries will be prevented

Revcon has a proven history of providing high quality, professionally tailored solutions to challenges great or small. The measurement of accountability will be by the respect and satisfaction of our employees, customers and stakeholders alike.