Aboriginal Relations

Revcon’s goal is to provide high performing sustainable relationships with Aboriginal and local communities. This is created through positive day-to-day interactions and open communication. These mutually beneficial relationships are achieved through Mutual Respect, Trust, and Integrity.

Successful Relationships

We build, enhance, and maintain positive relations in the local and aboriginal communities by:

  • respecting cultural and individual differences.
  • maintaining dialogue, with the local community and the Aboriginal people, and
  • considering support of local and Aboriginal events and programs in areas where we conduct out business.

Educational Opportunities

We believe learning is a life-long process and supports higher learning and mentoring of local and Aboriginal people through on-the-job learning and coaching. Apprenticeships and Mentoring programs, skill development and fostering a safe work culture.

Employment and Business Opportunities

Our business objective is to achieve “best value” in goods and services acquired and provided to our clients. We are committed to working with Aboriginal and local communities to develop their capacity to participate and benefit from business opportunities associated with our operations.

We recognize the potential benefits of hiring local employees and services, and will provide timely information about potential employment opportunities to local and Aboriginal communities.

We will also work with the Aboriginal communities, businesses and individuals to ensure they are given fair opportunity for contracts and services- based on competitiveness and the ability to meet Revcon’s standards.